Eagle Xpress UK Courier Services

When you need a courier service that you can depend on to handle your on-demand transport requirements, either as a complete fulfilment service or to support your own operations with ad-hoc or scheduled couriers; Eagle Xpress are ready with on-point, on-demand and on-time courier services.

We pride ourselves on a reputation for first-rate service and the dynamic support we able to offer our clients in their operational requirements. Our ability to deliver is not just about vehicles out on the road, it comes from years of experience providing a dedicated team of professionals to work alongside operations and transport managers in all kinds of businesses. We realise the need for a rapid response to the ever-changing demands of business, and we are here to help when you need us.

Our History (in brief)

Eagle Xpress UK Limited is an independent courier based in the UK with our head office based at Hatfield Peveral, Chelmsford. The company was started in 1995 and proudly boasts a 22 year history in the transport industry as a leading courier service.

Our senior management team, Diane Hogarth, Marc and Sharon boast over 60 years experience between them. Diane has been in the industry for over 30 years and started-up Brentwood Dispatch in 2000, which later became Eagle Xpress (UK) Ltd. Diane also holds certificates of Professional Competence in Road Transport Operations, UK and European.

In September 2003 Brentwood Dispatch purchased Eagle Xpress and Eagle Xpress (UK) Ltd was formed with 2 trading divisions : Brentwood Dispatch & Eagle Xpress. Since its formation the company has continued to expand its coverage with transport hubs and offices in Witham, Chelmsford (2006), Harlow (2010) and Cambridge in 2014 and Ipswich.

Eagle Xpress continues to serve new and existing customers throughout the UK and plans to expand further. The company continues to grow through a strong belief and commitment to providing first rate customer care and a high quality, dependable service.

Quality of Service

As a reputable courier service with a long history in the industry we are committed to providing the highest standard of service to our customers. This is outlined in our Terms of Business which you can read our here.

Terms & Conditions

Our commitment to providing a quality of service is reflected in our internal policy which is recognised externally.

Find more information about our Policies, Terms and Conditions here