Multi-Drop Courier Service

A dedicated courier service providing deliveries to multiple locations

Eagle Xpress offer a dedicated multi-drop courier service to customers in need of delivering a number of packages on the same day. Our multi-drop hire service can be provided as a one-off service or on-demand as a flexible service to help you cope with busy periods. Many of our customers use this service to support their distribution at peak times whilst avoiding the incumbent overheads and commitments of employing additional members of staff. In short, it means they can call upon a driver they can depend on as and when they are requiring them.

Multi-drop delivery service

How does it work?

Effectively we provide a dedicated vehicle and driver hire service so that you can have your parcels, packages, stock or pallets delivered. Typically, this means that you can have deliveries to multiple locations by a single driver on one day, which inevitably works-out more cost effective than hiring couriers to make separate deliveries.

A typical multi-drop hire means that we allocate a driver and a vehicle at a competitive rate for the day. As part of this service our driver will report to you at the start of the working day for a briefing. At this point you can provide instructions, addresses, the respective paperwork, a route plan and organise the loading of your parcels, packages, stock or pallets onto our vehicle.

Collect and return courier service

Collect and Returns

In the interest of being cost-efficient, our multi-drop delivery service can also be extended to include a ‘wait and return’ collection service for items needing to be returned to your premises or perhaps moved-on to another location.

Tracked courier service

Reporting Systems & Paperwork

As part of multi-drop hires our drivers are usually required to record deliveries and collections. Depending on your systems you may wish to give our driver an induction on the paperwork, PDA or App reporting system that they will be require record deliveries on.

Our multi-drop delivery courier hire service includes:

  • An on-demand driver and vehicle service

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year

  • Support for Local and Nationwide Deliveries

  • A dedicated customer service team

  • A modern fleet of professional branded vehicles

  • Trained, professional and uniformed drivers

  • Regular scheduled driver provision /collections

  • £25k Goods In Transport / £5m Public Liability Insurance

To find out more about how we can assist you with our multi-drop courier services, please contact our customer service team.

For priority enquiries please call us immediately on:

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